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Mobile Air Conditoning

Mobile Air Conditioning teaches the laws of energy transfer, and function and purpose of each of the components found in a modern air conditioning system, as well as train the proper handling, charging, recovering, and labeling procedures of the refrigerant used in current production machines (R-134a). AIS Air conditioning teaches the theory of operation, proper charging, troubleshooting, and repair procedures. Several manufacturers will be used for the hands-on training. The course also implores upon the student the similarities of the systems between brands. There will be approximately one full day of troubleshooting on genuine, live systems with varying levels of air conditioning operation. Upon successful completion of this course the student will be EPA Certified to repair mobile air conditioning systems. EPA certification is required when performing any air conditioning work for consideration. While the EPA certification ensures that the student is trained mostly in the handling of the refrigerant, this course enlightens and improves the student’s mobile air conditioning troubleshooting skills.