At AIS we understand the value of a well-trained employee, and make it a top priority that all of our service staff receives continuous up to date training.  
We are excited to expand these training opportunities to our business partners as well.  We have created a new program to walk your business employees through the hydraulic & electrical systems of your machines, along with Tier 4 off road engines. This is a great program to help your in shop technician’s expand their knowledge, or for operators to get a comprehensive overview of how some of these systems work on their machines.


General Hydraulics-2 day

The technician will be introduced to Pascal’s Law, safety, common component function and purpose, basics of oils, oil samples and cleanliness codes, as well as schematic reading on basic hydraulic systems in both a classroom & hands on setting.


Applied Hydraulics-2 day

Technicians perform disassembly and assembly of gear, vane and piston pumps, reservoirs, hoses, control valves and cylinders. The technician will gain a basic knowledge of all these components. Load sensing systems as well as fluid conditioning will be covered. The technician will perform some basic hydraulic testing and adjusting.


Advanced Hydraulics -2 day

Technicians enhance their understanding of Load Sensing systems; increase their skill of analyzing circuits by reading and comprehending complex schematics.  Perform testing and adjusting machines to OEM specifications. Apply learned skills to troubleshooting a variety of hydraulic issues.



General Electrics-2 day

AIS Basic Electrical Course introduces students to complete basic foundation of electrical systems used in the heavy equipment industry. Technician will be taught Ohm’s law, and how to perform calculations. The class introduces relays, fuses,  batteries, diodes, capacitors, and resistors; while being taught  know how to properly test them.


Applied  Electrics -2 day

The technician will perform basic testing on starting and charging systems, as well as schematic reading on basic electrical systems. The student will also learn how to properly use a multi-meter to perform testing.

Advanced Electronics -2 day

Technicians explore hands on Circuit diagnostics and troubleshooting strategies while actively testing circuits, Enhancing DVOM usage skills, and reading through machine schematics.


Off-Highway Tier 4 Engine Technical Overview Course- 1 day

This Engine Technical Overview course will include instruction and discussion of the fuel, air intake, exhaust gas recirculation, and after-treatment systems. This also includes Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Approximately half of the time will be spent in a classroom setting, while the other half of the time will be spent in a shop setting filling out lab sheets and performing tests on running engines. This one-day course is intended for an equipment mechanic, supervisor, or manager that is looking to expand their knowledge of the latest technology used to control fuel and meet EPA regulations. Fundamental knowledge of how a four-stroke diesel engine works is preferred, but not a requirement. Participants should come to class dressed to work in a shop environment and prepared to work outside. A participant that retains the material presented will be prepared to perform basic diagnostics with the correct tooling and speak with confidence using the proper terminology when working with these engines. Subject engines will be Komatsu, Cummins, John Deere, and/or JCB.